Troubleshoot: My Cover Won't Move

It can be alarming when your automatic pool cover is stuck open or closed. When your pool cover won’t move, troubleshoot with the tips below or simply contact Cover Care to get your automatic pool cover working again.


Electrical Issue
When the cover won’t open, it may signify there is no power to the system. Check the breakers and switches. Reset breakers or the GFI if necessary. If that doesn’t solve the issue, please call Cover Care.

Mechanical Issue

If you can hear the pool cover motor turning but nothing is happening, or the motor is humming and not turning, the issue is mechanical. Please call Cover Care for service.


Blocked tracks.

If your pool cover isn’t opening or closing fully, the tracks might be blocked by debris or other objects. Remove obstructions or use a garden hose to clean the tracks out.

Tangled ropes.

If you can access the motor and mechanism, check to see if the ropes are moving freely and not pinched or compromised. For your safety, if the ropes need to be adjusted, contact Cover Care for service.

Water on the cover.

Be sure all water is pumped off the water on the cover using.  The UL-approved cover pump should always be placed on the pool cover when it is closed.


Cover is off track.

Check the power source to assure the system is connected. If it is, the cover might have been opened too far, and come out of its track or there is a mechanical issue. Call Cover Care.

NOTE: Because safety is of the utmost importance to Cover Care, even if we can’t service the system at that time, we make it a priority to come and close your cover the same day (within 24 hours).