An Affordable and Safe Way to Protect Your Pool

An innovative solution for pool safety, removable pool fences are an economical and convenient alternative when automatic pool covers are not a viable option. 

  • Strong security to protect those you love. Cover Care’s removable pool fences are a big improvement over pool alarms, which don’t prevent children or pets from entering the pool area. Pool fences are a physical deterrent to help keep children away from the pool.
  • Easy setup and convenience that saves you time. Our removable pool safety fence takes just minutes to put up and take down and can easily be done by one adult, with no tools required. They offer much greater convenience than a manual pool cover, allowing you more pool time!
  • Flexibility to use it however you wish. You can remove the fence and re-assemble it hassle-free at anytime, or you can keep it up all the time. Transparent mesh makes it easy to supervise young kids from inside or outside the pool, whether it’s you swimming or other family and friends.
pool safety fence with child outside
Pool fence aerial view

Benefits of Our Removable Pool Safety Fences

We recommend and install Poolsafe™ fences. There’s so much to love about Poolsafe™ removable mesh pool safety fences.

  • Triton™ gate design.  Designed for maximum safety and durability—the curved top-bar makes it much more difficult to climb, and tri-truss provides side-to-side and front-to-back support to help keep the gate properly aligned day after day.
  • Pole strength. Our Steelcore™ “pin-poles” and rods are the strongest poles available in removable fencing, even with the smallest possible holes in the deck. You the best looking, highest level of protection for your family and pets.
  • Ultra-transparent mesh. Our fences are built with ClearGuard™ mesh—the most transparent in the industry. Our special weaving technique allows for maximum strength and transparency, so you can simultaneously enjoy the view of your pool and the peace of mind that it’s completely secure.
  • Durability. Instead of sewing fabric and mesh together, we use heat-welding technology to make the fence border material and mesh one seamless fabric. You never have to worry about failed threads or peeling.
  • Selection. We offer two fence heights: 4 ft and 5 ft.  And we have four colors to choose from: brown, black, beige, and gray. You can view the color options in a photo slider below.

Fencing Color Options

We recommend that you choose your fence color based on the dominant colors of your yard.  The pole and the border material will always match so you should choose your color based on whatever color we offer that will blend in best. If you do this, your fence will be less visible. For maximum elegance and minimal glare from the sun, we use black mesh exclusively on all of our pool safety fences. Color mesh reflects light and creates a glare, so our black mesh is more transparent and safer.

Variations in monitors/devices and browsers may cause colors to appear differently on screen.