Simple Maintenance Tips

To help increase the lifespan of your pool cover system, try to perform these simple maintenance tasks:

  • Clean out automatic pool cover tracks: remove potential debris and buildup in the cover tracks.
  • Remove leaves and debris from cover.

Your cover pump is an integral part of maintaining the safety of your pool. Some things to remember are:

  • Place the pump on the cover where water tends to pool.
  • Direct the pump’s hose to an area off the cover and away from the housing.
  • Keep the pump clean of debris to keep it working properly.

Contact Cover Care for details or if you want us to service your cover.

ASTM 1346 requires that a cover pump be on the pool when the cover is closed. Cover Care supplies pumps that meet these requirements, please contact us.

Cover Care, LLC representative with truck
technicians replacing automatic pool cover

Professional Pool Cover Maintenance

All auto cover manufacturers recommend annual system maintenance. Cover Care provides system maintenance to keep your cover system operating properly.

We recommend contacting us no less than every 2 years for a safety and maintenance review of your automatic cover.

An Affordable and Safe Way to Protect Your Pool

Check out the following links if you have any of these issues with your auto cover:

Misaligned automatic pool cover
Brown automatic pool cover opening with fall background

Opening and Closing Your Cover

Before opening and closing your automatic pool cover be sure to:

  • Remove water and debris – remove water with a cover pump and debris with a pool brush before opening. Leaving debris to collect when opening may cause damage and/or cover misalignment.
  • Check for obstructions – toys, towels, sports equipment, pool furniture, ladders, etc.
  • Check for swimmers – Ensure all swimmers are out of the pool before closing cover.