What Should I Do If My Automatic Pool Safety Cover Has a Hole or Tear?

The best quality automatic pool safety covers are made from premium-grade components, and the cover vinyl is coated for maximum life expectancy. Properly cared for, the cover should last for many years. However, it is possible for the vinyl to develop small tears or holes from natural causes, such as the impact of weather and the sun’s powerful UV rays, or from accidental damage. Here is what to do if your automatic pool safety cover gets a hole or tear:

  1. Identify the source of the problem. A puddle of water that keeps reappearing in the same spot is a clue that a hole in your cover is allowing pool water to come through. Do a complete examination of the pool cover, and look for discoloration and worn areas for holes and small tears.
  2. Take quick action. Much like a small chip in your car’s windshield, a small hole or tear in your pool cover is likely to grow if it’s not quickly remediated. Don’t assume that a small hole won’t cause problems. The longer you let it go, the more expensive it might be to fix it down the line.
  3. Measure the hole or tear. If you find a hole in your cover that’s smaller than 2 inches in diameter, or a tear that’s less than 3 inches long, you may be able to fix it yourself. Look for a patch kit with a variety of colors to match your cover color. The kit should include a premium grade vinyl cement adhesive along with instructions on how to apply the patch for best results.
  4. Don’t hesitate to call in the pros. If you discover a hole larger than 2 inches in diameter or a tear that’s longer than 3 inches, it’s time to call an automatic pool cover repair specialist. You should use a company that is responsive and able to have a specialist at your door within 24 to 48 hours.
  5. Replace your cover if necessary. Your automatic pool safety cover specialist will be able to quickly assess your vinyl cover and let you know your options. A service company that specializes in automatic pool safety cover repair should have all the parts and tools necessary on their truck to repair your cover, if repair is, in fact, an option. If your cover is beyond repair, they can provide you with information about replacing your automatic pool cover on the spot.

Not all automatic pool cover repair companies are created equal. When it comes to keeping your family and friends safe around your pool, don’t take chances with general repair services who also happen to work on pool covers. Your automatic pool cover is a specialized pool accessory that protects the value of your investment and your peace of mind. Look for an automatic pool cover repair company that’s highly rated and has years of experience and gets you back in your pool!

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